Britax Romer DualFix car seat—A review

Before Jacob was born I didn’t do a lot of research into which car seat to buy. I started to panic that it was getting too late and he might be born before we had one. So I just went into a shop, found one that was compatible with our pram (the only one that store had in stock) and car, and bought it. With hindsight, that wasn’t the best approach. There were a few things that weren’t great about our group 0 car seat. So when the time came to move up to the next size, I spent a bit longer researching. After much deliberation, we went for the Britax Romer DualFix* which is currently £279.99 at Uber Kids.

Britax Romer Dualfix car seat

Britax Romer DualFix

The Britax Romer DualFix is a Group 0/1+ car seat, meaning it is suitable from birth until around 4 years. After researching what I wanted from a car seat, I discovered that this one had it all covered.

The car seat can be rear facing until 4 years, which was a big selling point. Until my research, I hadn’t realised how much safer rear facing was. I discovered that the most dangerous (and most common) accidents are frontal collisions and these put a lot of pressure on the head and neck—which are still developing—if a baby is forward facing. By putting your child in a rear facing seat for longer, it’s less likely they will have serious head and neck injuries in the event of a frontal collision. So the DualFix is a great choice if you are concerned about that.

The DualFix car seat can be rear-facing from birth to 18kg. There is also the option of being forward facing, if you choose, from 9kg-18kg. I like the flexibility of that. At the moment I don’t want to put Jacob forward facing, but maybe I will in future. I’m glad to have all eventualities covered. It means I won’t have to buy another car seat for a while, which is a massive bonus.

Swivel—the best feature

A big problem with our old car seat was getting Jacob into it! The little wriggler made it very difficult and now he’s started having tantrums where he throws his head back and goes rigid, it would be almost impossible. My favourite thing about the Britax Romer DualFix is the 360 degree swivel. The seat can be turned to face the door, so you can more easily get baby in and out. It’s genius and makes getting Jacob in and out of the car so much simpler. If you have a wriggly baby like mine, I’d recommend this car seat just because of that!


Jacob seems very comfortable in the DualFix. I was never convinced he was comfortable in the old seat. The padded headrest feels nice and soft and the shoulder (chest? I’m not sure what they are called) pads feel much more comfy than his last car seat. The seat reclines to give you more options—there are several different positions. Perfect for encouraging sleeping—or not if you are trying to avoid a danger nap!Britax Romer Dualfix car seat

Other pros

  • The seat has a built-in ISOFIX base, so there’s nothing extra to buy unlike a lot of other car seats. It’s really easy to install as well, which is a big bonus.
  • The cover can be easily removed and washed, which is another plus for those of you with mucky little pups like mine! Even if you don’t have a mucky pup, I’m pretty sure most of us will experience a nappy explosion or a projectile vomit at some point.
  • Lots of colour options—we went for the Ocean Blue, which is brighter than I expected but lovely.

Potential cons

I haven’t found many cons so far. One little niggle that my husband has is that he finds it difficult to lengthen the straps with one hand if he’s holding Jacob. I haven’t found it too much of a problem, but I can see what he means. I think it’s likely to be a problem with most car seats actually.

Although it’s suitable from birth, I’m not sure I would use it as a newborn car seat, mainly because it doesn’t attach to the pram—but it depends how often you think you’d do that. If you wouldn’t ever want to take the car seat out of the car, then this would be a great shout. It’s really good value when you consider the ISOFIX base is included and that you only need one car seat from birth to 4 years.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Britax Romer DualFix.

Before you buy a car seat, it’s really important to make sure it will fit your car!

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