Of all the things to buy when you are expecting a baby, the pram is one of the biggest (quite literally). It’s a hard decision as there are so many choices, and one that is very annoying to get wrong. I spent quite a lot of time looking into which pram to get, and here’s why I eventually selected the Bugaboo Buffalo.

5 reasons we chose the Bugaboo Buffalo

1. It’s for use on all-terrain

Now I appreciate this isn’t important for everyone, but for us it was an essential. We have a big park near our house, with lots of bumpy paths through woods. I knew I wanted something that could cope with that without jolting baby all the time. And without breaking! I pushed a lot of prams around in Mothercare, and quite a few seemed fine for walking around town, but I felt like they’d fall apart after a walk or two bumping over tree roots. The Buffalo feels so sturdy, and 16 months on, it’s showing no signs of giving up on me. It has 4 large wheels, which help with bumps.  We’ve done some quite lengthy country walks with the Buffalo and several times I’ve thought “there’s no way we could do this with a different pram”.

If you are outdoorsy, I highly recommend the Buffalo.

Bugaboo Buffalo off-road

The beginning of our regular off-road walk

2. It looks good

Very superficial I know, but I really liked the look of all the Bugaboo pushchairs. For a while I was torn between the Chameleon and the Buffalo—the Buffalo won because of the all-terrain use thing, but they look very similar. I liked the way that you can choose the sun canopy and carrycot apron colour. We went for petrol blue in the end, which I thought was a nice unisex colour. The good thing about it is that if you really wanted to, you could buy a new sun canopy set to change the colour if you had another child. I probably wouldn’t, because I don’t really believe in the whole boys and girls colour thing, but you could.

3. It’s adaptable

The Buffalo is very adaptable. It’s suitable from birth up to 3 years, which makes it feel like reasonable value for money. The carrycot is spacious. Jacob didn’t grow out of it, we had to move him to the seat because he started sitting up. And he was a pretty big baby! The seat has 3 recline modes: upright, slightly reclined and lying back. It’s also possible for the seat to face towards you or away. I like that flexibility.

Another really important thing for us was comfort when pushing. We have a pretty big height discrepancy (I’m 5 foot 4 and my husband is 6 foot 3!), so we needed to make sure we could adjust the handlebar. It easily extends to be comfortable for my husband. We struggled with that with a few of the prams we tried.

4. It’s car seat compatible

I found the ability to attach the car seat really useful when Jacob was small. I had to buy separate adaptors, but they were pretty cheap, and our MaxiCosi car seat clicked on so easily. It was perfect for popping into shops when he fell asleep in the car and I didn’t want to risk waking him.

5. Manoeuvrability

Considering it’s a pretty large pram, I find it really easy to manoeuvre. The turning circle is pretty impressive and it doesn’t feel at all clunky. It’s clearly really well designed.

Other good features

  • The extendable sun hood is brilliant. It almost covers Jacob completely, which I find really handy when he falls asleep and I want to keep him asleep.
  • The shopping basket is huge. I’ve got almost an entire weekly shop in there. I just looked it up and it says it can take up to 16kg!
  • You can use the carrycot as a travel cot. It’s completely safe for baby to sleep in overnight. There aren’t many that are suitable for that. It’s freestanding when you take it off the base, which is brilliant.
  • It folds in one piece, and once folded it stands up by itself.

The not so good bits

In the interest of being completely honest, there are two main problems with the Buffalo.

  • Price. It is expensive. BUT, I think it’s value for money. It’ll last for 3 years (and hopefully for another child if we ever have one!). They also hold a lot of value so you can sell it on once you’ve finished with it.
  • Size. It is pretty big. If you get a bus a lot, I’d say this might not be for you. It does fold down to be quite compact if you take the wheels off. We have a Qashqai and easily fit it into the boot in two parts without taking the wheels off.

Overall, I highly recommend the Buffalo.

Uber Kids have the Bugaboo Buffalo for £909 at the moment in the end of year sale.

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Last year I made no secret of the fact that we weren’t really doing the whole ‘baby’s first Christmas’ extravaganza. Sure, we did some cute costumes for baby groups, but we didn’t buy lots of gifts. In fact, we bought Jacob one gift—a Jumperoo̦, so quite a big, expensive gift—and we gave it to him on the day we bought it rather than waiting for Christmas. My reasoning for this was three-fold:

  1. Jacob was a 4-month-old baby. He wouldn’t remember it. He also wouldn’t know if he didn’t have any presents to open on Christmas morning.
  2. We didn’t have space for lots of gifts in our tiny house. Plus I knew he’d get lots of presents from other people.
  3. I was on maternity leave, so we couldn’t afford to spend lots on presents, and I had no interest in spending more money than we had and getting into debt.

I did partake in some festivities last year!

We even sacrificed having a Christmas tree so we could fit the ginormous Jumperoo in the living room. I’ll admit I was slightly sad about that. Having no decorations did make me feel a bit unfestive, but we weren’t spending much time at home over Christmas so it seemed silly to get one. Plus, did I mention how big the Jumperoo was?!

Baby’s second Christmas

I thought that this year I’d feel differently, and go mad at Christmas. But actually, I feel sort of the same. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping. Eek.

Jacob will still be too young to remember Christmas this year. He’ll definitely pick up on the excited vibe, but he’ll enjoy it regardless of whether he has lots of presents. And he already has lots of toys; he’s definitely not hard done by. We will get him something, but probably only one big thing that he ‘needs’ (that sounds stupid, I know he doesn’t need anything!) rather than lots of small things. But he definitely won’t have stacks and stacks of presents from mummy and daddy to open on Christmas morning.

Jacob will still get lots from family so he won’t miss out completely. To be honest, I’d rather save the huge Christmas bills for a year when he’ll actually appreciate it. Maybe if money wasn’t an object I’d feel differently—although I suspect not! It all seems pretty wasteful.

More mum guilt

I still feel a little guilty about it all, even though I know it’s sensible. I especially feel it when I scroll through Instagram and see piles of presents stacked up under perfectly decorated Christmas trees. There’s definitely a lot of social media pressure, and I wonder how many other mums feel like me, but then get caught up in keeping up with everyone else.

We’ve moved house now and have more space (plus Jacob has outgrown the Jumperoo!) so we do have a pretty big Christmas tree this year. I’m not a total Scrooge!

Do you go Christmas-crazy or are you more bah humbug like me? 🙂 

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

I’m late with this roundup. It’s been pretty busy here the last few days with Christmas meet ups with friends. I’ve ended up neglecting the blog big time. But now I’m back with a quick look at what we got up to over on Instagram last month.

It was another fun month with lots of outdoor action in the park (as usual), reviewing this lovely Christmas book, more toddler group shenanigans and best of all a visit to Godstone Farm, which was amazing. I really should write up a review of it. It’s the second time we’ve been and despite the freezing cold weather it was still a great day out. Jacob loved seeing the animals.

It was also a month where I got to do a few things for myself, which is always nice. Top of my list was an inspirational event about post-baby bodies (you can read about that here).

Throwback to park fun on Saturday

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Mummy, I don't want my photo taken!

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