Find My Name in the Alphabet Train—Review

My recent obsession with children’s books has continued. This week we’ve been reading Find My Name in the Alphabet Train. It’s a beautifully illustrated hardback book that’s personalised to your child’s name. I do love a personalised book, so I was very excited when it arrived.

Find my name in the alphabet train

The story involves meeting lots of passengers (one for every letter of the alphabet!) from the alphabet train. Unlike a lot of personalised books, this one goes through the whole alphabet, not just the letters in your child’s name. I think this makes the book quite unique and a great learning opportunity.

The book is written in phonics, with lots of new and usual words to learn. There are definitely a few tongue twisters in there. It would be quite ambitious to read through the whole book at once—26 letters is a lot—so it’s suggested that you just read a letter or two at a time to let your child practice the sounds and really absorb it. At the moment Jacob definitely doesn’t have the patience to sit and listen for too long, so I tend to just read two letters.

The font is really clear, which will hopefully help when Jacob starts to learn to read. It’s designed to be dyslexia friendly.

If your child is at the age where you want them to start learning the alphabet, this book is for you. Jacob is slightly too young to get the most out of it at the moment, but he’ll soon grow into it and he does really enjoy hearing me reading the rhymes. I can’t wait to see how he responds to it as he gets older.

The character can have the skin tone and hair colour personalised to be more like your child—there’s even the option of adding glasses if your child wears them. Apparently, children are 9 times more likely to engage with a book if it’s personalised. There’s also the option of adding a personalised message at the end of the book, making Find My Name in the Alphabet Train perfect as a Christmas or birthday present.


*We were sent a copy of the book to review, but all thoughts are my own.


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