The best Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers

It’s nearly Halloween, which means one thing… it’s socially acceptable to dress your baby up in a novelty costume! Yay! I love dressing Jacob up, mainly because it’s a great chance to get some photos I can use to embarrass him when he’s older.

For his first Halloween last year, I dressed Jacob up in this adorable pumpkin baby grow. I might be biased, but I think he looks pretty cute.

baby pumpkin outfit

Jacob dressed as a pumpkin

I’m currently undecided about what costume to pick this year, but during my search on Etsy I found these absolute crackers!

The best baby and toddler Halloween costumes on Etsy

  1. Hocus Pocus vest. Comes in lots of sizes from 0-24 months.
  2. Lion hat. This would be hilarious! I’d love to get it. Unfortunately, Jacob hates hats so I don’t think it would work for us.
  3. This baby skeleton baby grow is too small for Jacob (it’s 0-3 months), but it is so adorable.
  4. Dinosaur costume. For the dinosaur obsessed toddler, this would be perfect!
  5. Cow costume. This is adorable. Dressing babies as animals is aways a winner!

I could get lost for hours looking at costumes on Etsy. There are so many really good ones. I need to narrow it down and hurry up and make my decision.

Do you like dressing your baby up for Halloween? What’s the best costume you’ve seen?

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