Our nursery survival kit

As you may know, Jacob started nursery several weeks ago. As I’d been told by many people, we all got ill. So, so ill. Colds, stomach bugs and, most recently, CHICKENPOX. The horror. So I’ve had to come up with my nursery survival kit—a box of tricks that help us, and Jacob, feel better when the lurgy strikes. Chemist.co.uk kindly gave me a voucher so I could pick the things I wanted to show you in this post*.

Nursery survival kit for baby

Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight. This plug-in product releases vapours that help baby to breathe through the heaviest cold. It also has a handy night-light which gives off a blue light. Each plug comes with 5 refills.

Calpol Saline nasal drops. These drops help clear out little blocked noses, which can help with sleeping. As they just contain saline, they are suitable from birth, unlike a lot of other cold products for babies.

Snufflebabe vapour rub. Another cold product. Are you seeing a theme here?! We’ve had a few colds in this household lately. This vapour rub is like Vicks for babies. It’s a mild decongestant that helps baby breathe through a cold. You can rub it onto their chest or put some on a tissue or hanky left near their cot. The rub contains eucalyptus oil, menthol and thyme oil.

Calpol. The classic medicine that a mum (or dad) is never without. Helps baby through fevers and pain. This is my absolute must have (don’t forget to read the leaflet before use).

Braun thermoscan 7. This didn’t come from Chemist.co.uk, I already had it, but no illness survival kit is complete without a thermometer. Useful for assessing whether medicine, or a trip to the doctor, is needed, but mostly just essential for peace of mind.

Nursery survival kit for mummy and daddy

Berocca. When I feel a cold coming on I crack out the Berocca. I like to get my vitamins from food, but when illness strikes or I’m feeling a bit rundown it’s always worth topping up!

Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes. When Jacob has a cold I like to give things the occasional wipe down with these to try to prevent the spread of the illness. Doesn’t always seem to work for us, but I figure it’s worth a try! They are also really useful for the changing bag if your baby, like mine, tends to drop things when you’re out and about.

Mum & Me hand gel. A hand gel when you’ve got an ill baby is a must! Again, doesn’t always work, but worth a try!

First Defence. I was skeptical about this, but as it was recommended to me by a health professional I thought it was worth a go. I actually think it has worked for me. First Defence is a nasal spray that is meant to trap the viruses that cause colds, meaning they can’t infect you. If taken at the first sign of a cold it should prevent it, or at least reduce the chances of it turning into a full-blown cold. Game changer. I just need to remember to take it!

Olbas Oil. When I do get a cold, I love using a few drops of this on a tissue to help unblock my nose. It’s also really nice to put a tissue with some on inside your pillowcase.

*Chemist.co.uk kindly provided a voucher so I could select these products to show you, but all the choices were my own.



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