My weaning essentials

When you start thinking about weaning your baby, you soon realise there is a whole industry trying to sell you stuff. It’s really hard to know what you need and what is just a gimmick. Here are the things I’ve found really useful when weaning Jacob.

Suction bowls

Nuby Stackable Suction Bowl

Babies love to throw things (I hope that’s not just my baby!). The Nuby Stackable Suction Bowls are fab. They stick really well to Jacob’s highchair and however hard he tries (and believe me he tries!), he hasn’t managed to dislodge them yet. I’ve read varying Amazon reviews on these, but so far they’ve worked really well for us. The fact they stack makes it easier to store them. They are also microwave and dishwasher proof. And they have lids! So you can take them out and about, which is really handy.

Sticky plate

Baby using a suction mat on a highchair

The Miracle Mat and Section Plate in action on our Antilop highchair

The Miracle Mat and Section Plate sticks really well to my highchair too, so it also can’t be thrown. The sections are great for serving finger foods. You don’t necessarily need a plate. The highchair surface would work just as well, but I wanted to get Jacob used to the idea of ‘crockery’, if you see what I mean.


Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons are great. We used them from day one of weaning. I love that they change colour if food is too hot. We’ve been using them for over 6 months and they are still looking good.


We have used two highchairs on a regular basis. One at home and one at grandma’s house. At home we have the classic Ikea Antilop. Cheap, wipe clean, easy to assemble. All good reasons to buy it. I love it. We got the tray as well as the chair and it’s great.

Tiny Jacob in the Joie highchair

At Grandma’s we have the Joie Baby Mimzy Snacker Highchair. This one is more expensive (it’s £50 at John Lewis), but it folds down nicely and is very sturdy.


Bibs are an essential! We use various plastic ones. I do recommend getting one with sleeves to protect clothes when you let baby feed themselves. I can’t find the exact one we have but this one looks great.


We have two cups that we use on a regular basis.

The Doidy Cup is designed to help babies learn to drink from an open cup. It is slanted, so babies can see what’s in the cup without needing to tip it too far. It’s recommended from 3 months of age, and I’ve heard of breastfed babies who won’t take a bottle drinking milk from this! Apparently the drinking action is similar to breastfeeding so they find it easier. We don’t use it all the time (mess!), and especially not out and about, but I’m trying to use it more.

The Tommee Tippee First Cup is the main cup we use out of the house. The spout is easy for babies to drink from and it has a lid so less mess.

Update: I saw loads of babies using the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup, so I decided to try one after Jacob started throwing his cup on the floor and trying purposely to tip his drink out. It doesn’t spill! It’s amazing. I highly recommend it.


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