Nuna Sena travel cot—A review

If you are looking for a travel cot for your baby or toddler, we’ve extensively tested this one! The Nuna Sena travel cot is something we use all the time and I highly recommend it.

Nuna Sena travel cot

Nuna Sena travel cot

Use at home and away

The Nuna Sena travel cot is a permanent fixture at my in-laws house. We are quite sticklers for Jacob’s nap routine, so whenever we are at their house we put him down to sleep in it at nap time. It’s been used several times a week for over a year now and it still looks like new. It’s definitely sturdy enough for regular use, unlike some travel cots which can seem quite flimsy.

It also looks nice, which is a massive bonus when so many other travel cots out there are so ugly! Obviously, if you are only using it occasionally that’s not a problem, but if it’s a permanent item for someone else’s house it helps if it looks good.

We’ve also used the travel cot whenever we’ve gone to stay anywhere. It’s really simple to put up and fold down—much easier than others I’ve used. It folds up into a carry bag with handles, making it easy to transport. It’s definitely not the lightest travel cot on the market, but nor is it the heaviest (I checked!).

The mattress is quite hard, which is typical of most travel cots. We use a padded mattress protector to make it a bit more comfy, although before we had this Jacob seemed happy enough! I think parents tend to think most baby mattresses are too hard, but they are meant to be like that.

Versatile travel cot

The travel cot is suitable from birth and has a removable bassinet. We ended up removing this quite early on because Jacob started pulling himself up and we were worried about him falling out. It’s suitable up until baby weighs about 15kg.

The cot can also be used as a playpen, although I haven’t done this so far. I prefer to keep it just for sleeping so that Jacob knows it’s sleep time, not play time, when he goes in it. The feet of the cot are non-slip, so it would be fine on hard floors even if baby starts trying to escape! I really like the mesh sides, as he can’t suffocate himself by pressing his face against them.

I can’t recommend this travel cot highly enough.

The Nuna Sena travel cot is £150 at John Lewis.

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