Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter—Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we recently got back from holiday in Portugal. Before we went, I was really worried about how we’d keep Jacob safe in the sun. I decided to buy the Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter from Amazon to provide a bit of shade on the beach.

Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter review

Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter

The Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter in action on a very windy beach (note the use of rocks to hold it down!)

We bought the Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter in blue (I’ve just seen it’s cheaper in green! Not sure how I missed that. It’s £29.74 for the blue and £22.98 in green). In blue they sell two sizes—large and extra-large. I went with large and it was perfectly adequate for the 3 of us. If I had more children, I’d probably go for the extra-large. The shelter protects against UV rays. Apparently not all beach shelters do this, so it’s definitely worth checking before you buy.

Easy to put up

The shelter was really easy to put up. It has 3 fibre glass poles (just like tent poles). One goes across the top and two go from back to front. There’s a black groundsheet attached to the shelter which is good for keeping sand off towels (unless you have a baby who chucks fistfuls of sand everywhere!). I was slightly concerned about the groundsheet being black, but it’s made of a fabric that doesn’t get too hot in the sun. The shelter comes with pegs, so you can anchor it down. We used the shelter on a very windy beach, so we used rocks to hold it down at times. On a normal beach, I’m sure it would be fine just using the pegs. There are also pockets you can put sand in to help secure it.

The groundsheet can zip up to close the shelter off. This means you can all go swimming and leave you bags in a slightly safer environment. Obviously, someone could still break in, but it would take more effort so I think that protects you against a lot of opportunistic theft. We didn’t do this, as the sea was too cold for me and Jacob to swim in, but I think it’s a useful feature.

The Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter folds up relatively small and isn’t too heavy—we took it in our suitcase with no problems. It weighs  1.9kg, so it’s not too heavy. It comes in a draw string carry bag, which is useful.

Napping in the shade

We managed to get Jacob to take a nap in the shade, which was brilliant. I felt massively reassured knowing he was having a break from the sun for a while.

Baby napping in the Coleman Sundome

Jacob napping in the shade

I also enjoyed using it for reading, because I hate having the sun in my eyes. I’d definitely recommend buying the Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter. It wasn’t too pricey and we’ll definitely use it overtime we go away now. You can read my other tips on surviving a beach trip with a baby here.

Baby playing on beach

Using the shelter for reading protection while the boys play

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