Postpartum hair loss—8 months in

A while ago I wrote a post on my postpartum hair loss. In that post I lamented about how it seemed all of my hair was falling out and wondered if it would ever stop.

The good news

Well, here’s the good news. It has stopped falling out. Phew! I’m guessing it stopped about a month or two ago (so probably at about 6 months after birth). Which is a big relief. For a while I was worried it was all going to fall out—I had noticeable (to me anyway) bald patches around my hairline at the front. Luckily, now I’m finding less hair in the plug hole after a shower and I am having to clear my hairbrush less often too.

The bad news

As you may guess, there is also bad news. The bad news is now it is growing back where it fell out. It looks absolutely ridiculous. I have tons—and I mean tons—of short regrowth all round the front of my hair. It’s currently about half an inch long. It’s all wispy and horrible.

What can I do about it?

After a lot of Googling, I’ve realised there isn’t much I can do about the regrowth. After all, nothing can make hair grow several inches overnight. I think the main strategies are eating healthily to promote hair growth, and reducing any further breakage. So not blow drying or straightening too often. Another strategy I read was to avoid tying hair up, as that can highlight the shorter bits. Well, that’s not happening. Jacob’s favourite game is pulling my hair.

I’m seriously contemplating getting a fringe just so it blends in. Whether I take that plunge or not, I’m definitely going to get a new hair style in the next couple of weeks. I think it might make me feel a bit better! I’ll be pinning new styles on Pinterest furiously for the next few days.

Did you suffer from postpartum hair loss? How did you deal with the regrowth?




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  1. May 8, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    I feel your pain (twice!). Great tips! Other ideas are just cut your hair shorter – doesn’t have to be boy short, but chin length I find is manageable to wear down with a baby – so it doesn’t weigh itself down. Take biotin supplements, and yes, keep eating well. Also, find a good headband or two. 🙂

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