Chicco Next to Me crib—A review

Choosing a crib for your little bundle of joy is one of the big—and potentially expensive—purchases to be made before the baby is born. When I was pregnant there was a bewildering choice of Moses baskets, cribs and cots to choose between. I found it all a bit overwhelming. I tried to do a bit of research, but there’s just so much information and as a first-time mum you don’t really know what you need. On a bit of a whim, I decided to buy the Chicco Next to Me crib*, which, fortunately, was a great decision. I was keen on having a side-sleeper cot, as I hoped I’d be able to breastfeed and I thought this might help.

Baby sleeping in Chicco Next to Me crib

Newborn Jacob in his Next to Me crib

Side-sleeping and the Chicco Next to Me

The Chicco Next to Me can be attached to your bed and is secured using straps to keep it safely in position. The crib goes right up next to the bed and as it has a drop-down side it’s basically an extension of your bed. It’s like co-sleeping, but safer, as the baby has their own space. It has a wide range of height settings, so it is suitable for most beds. It’s really easy to adjust the height using the buttons on the sides. 

Side-sleeping was an absolute god send when it came to breastfeeding. Jacob would wake up every couple of hours during the night and I wouldn’t even have to get out of bed. I could reach across, feed him and once he was done, slide him back into his crib. Of course, sometimes he wouldn’t want to sleep in his own crib, so I’d end up letting him stay in bed with me. But I’d often be able to move him back once he’d fallen asleep. We used the crib every night for 5 and a half months—starting from the first night we brought him home from hospital.

The Chicco Next to Me can also be used as a standard crib. Just zip the drop-down side up and it can be moved away from the bed. I know some of my friends have used it in their baby’s nursery to help ease the transition to a new room.

Other features

The Chicco Next to Me can also be used as a travel cot. It comes with a travel bag for transporting it. We took it with us to stay with family, which was great. Jacob could sleep in his usual place, so we didn’t have to contend with him getting used to a new bed arrangement. This meant an easier night for us!

Another great feature is the ability to use the crib at an incline to help with reflux. We didn’t have this problem, but it was handy to know we could use it if we needed to.

I’d say the Next to Me is not quite as good looking as some of the other side-sleeper brands, but it does come in a few colours. We have the silver version, which looked quite smart.

One of the best things about it was that it is quite large compared to some other brands. Jacob is on the 91st centile and he still fit in his at 5 and a half months when we moved him to his big cot in his own room. If we’d bought a smaller one we would definitely have had to move him sooner, which would have made breastfeeding harder.

I’m really pleased we bought the Next to Me, and I’ll definitely use it again if we have another child.

The Chicco Next To Me crib is £169* at John Lewis.

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