Braun Thermoscan 7: A review

The Braun Thermoscan 7 thermometer has been one of the pieces of baby equipment I wish I’d had from birth. When I was pregnant, I decided I didn’t really need one. I was definitely wrong.

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We’ve had a sickly couple of weeks in our house. First, Jacob had his 16-week immunisations and, after being pretty much ok with the previous two lots of jabs—except for a bit of grumpiness—we experienced the dreaded post-immunisation fever. My poor little boy was burning up despite having the maximum dose of Calpol. It was pretty terrifying actually. I stripped him off and seriously contemplated phoning 111, but I realised that there’s nothing they could do so just decided to keep an eye on him. It was at this point I realised we really needed a better thermometer. I had an old fashioned ‘stick the tip in the mouth’ type, which doesn’t really work that well with babies.

After my panic the previous night,  I popped to Boots and, on a bit of a whim, decided to invest in a Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer, which cost a whopping £44.99*. However, I’m so glad I did. It’s given me peace of mind.

The Braun Thermoscan 7 in it's holder

The Braun Thermoscan 7 in its holder

Features of the Braun Thermoscan 7

It has an Age Precision function, which gives fever guidance depending on age. There’s a setting for 0-3 months, 3-36 months and 36 months plus. So it’s suitable for all the family (We’ve subsequently used it on grandpa who had flu). It’s easy to see if the temperature is normal, raised or high because the display lights up green, yellow or red. I didn’t actually realise this, but the threshold for a high temperature is lower in babies than adults.

There’s a memory function too, so you can compare the current reading with the last 9 you’ve taken. That should be useful to see if baby’s temperature is coming down over time.

The thermometer came with 20 disposable filters which should be changed after each use to ensure hygiene and, apparently, accuracy. So that’s an additional cost. I didn’t see any in Boots, but I’ve found them on Amazon, so I’ll just order them there.

Jacob has since had a cold, which me and the husband have caught off him (when will he learn not to cough in our faces?!), so we’ve tested the thermometer out a bit. It takes the reading really quickly which is useful with a wriggly little one. It’s actually easy to get a bit obsessed, so I probably need to ration my use.

*The thermometer is actually a little cheaper on Amazon (£41.02 at the time of writing) here.

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