Breastfeeding: 4 month update

Jacob is now 4 months old and I’ve continued to breastfeed him up to now, with the very occasional bottle of formula when I’ve gone out and haven’t had time to express. Now breastfeeding is well and truly established, it is by far the easiest feeding option. Sterilising and making up bottles is far too much faff for a lazy mother like me.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing since my last update though. We’ve battled oral and nipple thrush (who knew that was a thing?!), which was extremely painful for me. It’s treated with Canesten cream for the nipples and some prescribed drops for the baby, but if you forget to use the cream for a few days after its gone from baby’s mouth it can come back. Don’t forget. It feels like someone’s attacking your nipples with razor blades.

Jacob is gaining weight at an alarming rate, which is bad news for my poor back but excellent news for my milk and shows that he’s getting everything he needs. At first I was really worried about whether he was getting enough. Needless to say, after his last weigh in at over 8 kg, I no longer worry about that.

I occasionally feel like giving up feeding, particularly when I’m being woken for the 4th feed of the night, and recently bought some formula. Several people have said he’ll sleep better on formula. The idea being that breast milk is digested quickly, so formula keeps them feeling full for longer. The idea of switching to formula for my convenience is something I’m a bit uncomfortable with at the moment–especially as he’s been ill lately and relied on breastfeeding to get to sleep/feel better. The formula hasn’t been opened  yet, but I’ve got it for when I need it. I’m going to try to get to 6 months, but I’ve accepted its not the end of the world if he has formula now. Pumping has helped a bit with lack of sleep, as I can give a bottle to someone else and go and have a nap.

I highly recommend investing in a decent pump if you want to express milk. Even if you aren’t fussed about giving baby the odd bit of formula, it’s necessary if you go out and leave the baby for a while. I’ve taken my pump on a couple of evenings out! I’ll write a review soon, but I’m using the Medela Swing (Update: see Medela Swing breast pump—A review for more details on my breast pump. I really do recommend it)

Another best buy has been Lansinoh cream for nipples. I hardly need it now, but it’s excellent for sore nipples at the start of the feeding journey. I’m using it as a lip balm now. It’s seriously amazing at that too!

I’ll keep you updated with how we get on.

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  1. December 15, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    You are doing a fantastic job hun. X

  2. December 15, 2016 / 9:55 pm

    I remember when Baby T hit the 4 month mark. It was an interesting period as a well known growth spurt. From my experience supplementing with formula feed may no difference to his sleep and some night made him more unsettled as upset his stomach. I also learnt that some formula feed babies wake every 2-3hrs around this period and night waking doesn’t always equate hunger. I also introduced a dream feed at 10pm tried expressed milk and also feeding while he was asleep didn’t help some nights backfired as would wake up more like I had introduced a new body clock alarm 🙁

    I survived by co-sleeping. Feel free to checkout my review on our co-sleeper.Most night feeds were done lying down that way I stayed asleep for most feeds.

    You are doing a fab job and thought you should know that.

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