Ewan the Dream Sheep —A Review

Ewan the Dream Sheep was one of my first baby purchases after a friend recommended it. She swears by it for getting both her children to sleep. After over a year of use, I can safely say it is magic! He plays a big role in our bedtime routine.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

What is Ewan the Dream Sheep?

Ewan the Dream Sheep is a stuffed toy-like sheep that plays soothing sounds (basically white noise) and provides a warm reddish pinkish glow from its tummy (which is meant to remind baby of being in the womb). It is designed to calm babies and toddlers to help them sleep.

Ewan the Dream Sheep with glowing light

A soothing glow from Ewan’s tummy

How does Ewan work?

There are 4 different sound options—you simply press each leg to hear them. All 4 sounds have a heartbeat base, which is meant to remind the baby of being back in the womb listening to mum’s heartbeat. The 4 sounds are: heart beat and harp, heart beat and vacuum cleaner, heart beat and womb noises and heart beat and rain. The sound continues for 20 minutes and hopefully by the time it ends, you have a sleeping baby! We tend to use the harp sound option as it seemed to work best for us. My husband finds it slightly irritating, but puts up with it because it’s so effective! It doesn’t bother me, but it is very repetitive so I can see what he means.

We’ve used it every night pretty much since birth. I tend to turn it on halfway through his final feed and by the end he’s asleep.

Ewan the Dream Sheep needs 3 AAA batteries which aren’t included. We’ve replaced the batteries once so far in 16 weeks. One good tip for saving battery is to turn the sound off if for some reason baby doesn’t go down/needs a feed or change—you hold down the leg for a few seconds. I didn’t realise you could do this and had been letting it play until a friend told me how to turn it off!

Ewan has a velcro tail so you can attach him to the outside of the cot. It’s not recommended to have soft toys inside the cot because of the risk of SIDS.

You can buy Ewan in purple or grey and he costs £29.99 here. I’m seriously contemplating buying a second one to keep at my mum’s house in case I forget him when we go to stay.

Update: We are still using Ewan. Jacob is 15 months old at the time of writing this. So, it really is probably my most used piece of baby equipment! I have discovered one slight downside. Ewan is not washable. He is only wipeable. I discovered this when Jacob got his first stomach bug and vomited all over him. I was slightly disappointed to discover that, but considering we kept him clean for 15 months, I think that’s pretty good going. I managed to sponge him with disinfectant and now the smell is gone.

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  1. The Mothership
    January 9, 2017 / 11:39 am

    Ewan is a bloody Saint! He saved us so many times!

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