BabyBjörn Miracle carrier – Review

*I wrote this review when the baby was about 8 weeks old. I’ve updated it now he’s reached 6 months.

I wasn’t initially sold on the idea of the BabyBjörn Miracle carrier—I thought it was expensive and we wouldn’t use it, but my husband bought it anyway. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s definitely been one of our most used pieces of baby equipment so far.

The BabyBjörn Miracle carrier is a structured baby carrier that is fully adjustable. It’s been suitable for both me and my husband, which is quite impressive considering our nearly 1 foot height difference. It’s suitable from birth up until 15 months. Although I see that the weight limit is 12kg, so I doubt it will last that long for us—Jacob is a big boy! It’s worth remembering that if you have a very small baby, it won’t be suitable from birth. Jacob was 8lb 5oz (3.77kg) so he was fine. The carrier has leg straps you can use until the baby is 4.5kg, which provide them with a little more support.

Fussy newborn stage

The carrier has been a life saver on those days when the baby has been too fussy to put down (i.e. most days!). I’ve often worn it around the house and he’s never failed to fall asleep. At times it’s been the only way I can manage to eat lunch!

I also often prefer using it to go out over the pram. He consistently goes straight to sleep, which isn’t guaranteed with the pram. I also feel like it’s a really good workout carrying the baby around. I credit the BabyBjörn whenever someone mentions that I’ve lost the baby weight quickly.

We’ve even used it to go on some long walks (5ish miles) on our holiday in Yorkshire, with a couple of breaks for feeding/stretching the baby out.

We’d been given a wrap type sling, but I found that quite challenging to put on alone. The BabyBjörn is simple to use with its colour coordinated parts and I can be confident he’s in securely. At the moment he faces inward, but as he gets older he’ll be able to face outwards and take in his surroundings, which is something I really look forward to.

A few people have said they found that as their baby gets bigger it becomes a bit uncomfortable, but so far it’s been perfect. I’ll update in a few months once he’s bigger, but so far so good!

Using the BabyBjörn Miracle carrier on a walk

Using the BabyBjörn Miracle carrier on a walk

The forward-facing option

From about 5 months, we started using the forward-facing option. He doesn’t look that happy in the picture below, but he genuinely does love it usually! He chatters away and blows raspberries, which is so cute. I like being able to point things out to him on walks and it avoids him getting bored.

I have started to find him a bit heavy now, so I can’t carry him for too long. My husband still finds it fine though. Jacob is over 9kg already so I think that’s the reason, not the carrier itself.

Forward-facing in the BabyBjörn Miracle carrier

Forward-facing in the BabyBjörn Miracle carrier

You can buy the BabyBjörn on Amazon here.

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